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The truths we hold dear about Nature stem from the allegories told to us as children to guide our behaviour as adults, and yet each one of us feels as if we have a personal understanding of Nature and its mysteries. Berry's art attempts to untangle our relationship between Nature, heritage, and the built environment, weaving new narratives that reveal the ignored or unintended consequences of our ingenuity. The perceptions of Nature as wild, pure, and outside of human influence are juxtaposed against the adaptations being made by life to thrive in human-designed worlds; be they artificial, gritty, or perceived as uninhabitable. 
Past works include topographical maps built with the skins of the animals who inhabited those geographies; artificial environments in which organisms create and alter sculptural forms; and the documentation of pristine forms as they decay into those which support life as they age. At first glance, Berry's work challenges the viewer in its focus on the unintended consequences of human influence on the planet, but in fact her narrative is one of wonder at the resilience and adaptability of Nature and its forces. 

Berry holds several degrees and certificates in science, art and design. She has been poking at wildlife since she was three years old, when she discovered a termite swarm and became covered in flying adults looking for tall place from which to alight.  She fledged within the confines of military bases, where small housing areas were surrounded by large stretches of forest and fields as part of "defensible spaces", and where she could lose herself in the realm of the wild ones.