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Jennifer Berry is a visual artist known for weaving human and natural history together to build stories of place and time. Her site-responsive pieces combine common materials with new media to invoke narratives of collective history and connection to nature. Her ephemeral environments invite curiosity, examine social norms, and challenge our stories about our own existence. Whether in partnership with human communities or in collaboration with non-human organisms, the genesis of Berry’s art is situated as fellow species and co-inhabitant of place. 

We are at a crossroads in time where an ever-increasing presence of technology as experience is undermining the stability of the systems that gave birth to our species. In a world where our personal and social experiences are mediated by technology, how does one access alternative experiences to understand our role within a biological framework as co-inhabitants of a living planet? How does one access embodied knowledge passed from one generation to the next that is the living history of human experience? How does one experience fully-immersive, body-scale realities as animals, and not just thinking machines? These types of questions form the basis of Berry’s investigations, where the viewer becomes subject becomes participant.

Past works include community-driven design and installation for social inclusion and environmental justice projects; site-specific collaborations with non-human species; plus new media electronics, mediated realities and digital story-telling in combination with traditional art and craft methodologies.

Berry holds degrees and certificates in science, art and design. She has been poking at wildlife since she was three years old, when she discovered a termite swarm and became covered in flying adults looking for tall place from which to alight.  She fledged within the confines of military bases, where small housing areas were surrounded by large stretches of forest and fields as part of "defensible spaces", and where she could lose herself in the realm of the wild ones. Today she is happiest while out in her apiary, covered in bees.